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Oyster Reef Project

Proposed Oyster Reef for Nutrient Uptake & Habitat Restoration

The 2013 Oyster Reef Project which has shown great promise in providing an environmentally friendly and natural mechanism to reduce harmful nutrients in the Indian River Lagoon.  The Project was constructed along the northern boundary of the Spoon Bill Marsh discharge point of the Indian River Lagoon.  The Oyster Reef measures approximately 75 x 150 feet and it is constructed of strategically placed reclaimed concrete pieces.  Since its construction, it appears that the actual results have exceeded original estimates.  The Oyster Reef has become a refugia for larvael and juvenile fish species and has become encrusted with oysters.  The oysters are directly modifying water quality conditions within and around the reef structure.  The Oyster Reef project’s efficiency is being monitored and the early results suggest the likelihood of expansion of additional oyster projects in the Indian River Lagoon.  The Oyster Reef Project was funded for under $30,000, is operating under budget, and is the most cost-efficient nutrient reduction project of its kind.