Throughout my lifetime and during my tenure
on the Indian River Board of County Commissioners, communication has always been the key to my success. With citizens, with County workers, with the committees and Boards I participate in. When true communication happens everything has more of an opportunity ...


Joe Flescher will continue to propose the best possible transportation improvements for Indian River County at the least tax payer expense possible, and to fight All Aboard Florida (AAF), and any Brightline High-Speed Rail issues in regard to them creating safety issues for all schools, businesses, vehicles, passengers, all residents, and our animals of Indian River County.

The All-Aboard Florida issue is a long and complicated one. Therefore, we have provided a lengthy history of this issue as it pertains to IRC if you click on this link on our website: ALL-ABOARD FLORIDA Details from 2013 to Present!

What began in 2013 as a proposal from AAF that they were a completely private enterprise that intended to operate a completely private passenger rail system from Miami to Orlando- quickly became a trail of untruths & misrepresentations about their intentions for public funding, and their attempts to steer our county into agreements that would have put us all in financial danger.

AAF has continued to seek funding- first through a process overseen by the Federal Railroad Administration, and when that process fell through, they switched to another funding option that is being overseen by The United States Department of Transportation. The USDOT has chosen to not hold the AAF to its need to pass the National Environmental Protection Act process. Indian River County has fought hard to hold their feet to the fire on this, and so far IRC's pleas have been upheld. But, continued pressure on the FDOT will be necessary along with legislation to try to insure public safety from all trains!

Another big THANK YOU to our State Senator, Debbie Mayfield, and our State Representative, Erin Grall, for their efforts to refocus attention on this issue by trying to pass The High-Speed Passenger Rail Act again in the latest session of Florida's State Government. Although it did not pass this time, they, along with other area lawmakers, have pledged to keep working toward its passage!