Joe Flescher


Joe Flescher pledges to continue to work hard to preserve the character of our county and to help find solutions to repair and restore the fragile eco-system that is our precious Indian River Lagoon!

Indian River Lagoon & Environmental Sustainability

Throughout my lifetime and during my tenure on the Indian River Board of County Commissioners, communication has always been the key to my success. With citizens, with County workers, with the committees and Boards I participate in. When true communication happens everything has more of an opportunity

The Brightline Rail System

From the very beginning, Joe Flescher has continued to propose the best possible transportation improvements for Indian River County at the least tax payer expense possible, and to prioritize every Brightline…

Fiscal Responsibility & Economic Recovery

Joe Flescher will continue to support a conservative county budget while gearing up to meet the needs of our new economic growth potential.


I’ve really broadened my interactive horizons through daily discussions with our county employees, the many boards and committees that I participate on, and MOST IMPORTANTLY through constant communication and my sincere compassion for each and every Citizen of Indian River County.
– Joseph E. Flescher, Indian River County Commissioner- District 2


I know many of you may be more familiar remembering me as “Deputy Joe”, and wanted to let you know that as your County Commissioner, I am equally vigilant on your behalf. It is my hope that on Election Day you take the opportunity to get out there and exercise your right to vote. I’ve listened to your concerns, and we have weathered a few “storms” together over the past 16 years. We have the opportunity to help our county through these challenging economic times. I am ready to help sustain this recovery by continuing to be fiscally responsible, to help our government become more business-friendly and to create better job opportunities.